I learnt that if I want something by all my heart and mind at the same time, no obstacle can stand in my way. My mind will write several scenarios to keep me alive. My ego will want to take the control and keep my consciousness asleep. And my heart.. My Fragile, full of love essence will float in the void. And maybe it will be the voidness itself.

The mean of ‘the mind and heart are one and want the same thing’ is I know my presence, essence, power and potential and I’m flowing the energy of this essence that I have, towards what I want.I achieved this. I’m writing this from Dublin, in St. Greens Park with my coffee.

The road is tough. Maybe it’s full of stones of all kinds, sizes. Sometimes it’s dark and sometimes it’s too loud. But I learned that we are the ones who put the label that the road is ‘tough’. I choose to call it a process. When the time is complete, whatever I work for, ‘whatever my mind and heart wanted,’ will flow into my life. I need to complete this process in order to appreciate what I have achieved. This is a great chance to remember my essence to break these cycles.

Thank you universe. For letting me even have a hard time, for showing me that every dark night has a morning, for we fall together and get up together and continue on our way while experiencing life my own way. For showing your support by not leaving me alone. For everything I have or even don’t have. For being able to leave behind someone i might miss. For I have space to experience all the emotions that exist in the universe.

And thank you very much for all the knowledge.